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Melcher Media

Melcher Media is a book packager and publisher in New York City, New York, founded in 1994 by Charles Melcher. The company’s focuses include magazine-, movie-, and TV-related books; environmental titles; pop-up books; and DuraBooks.

The company has produced more than 100 titles, including 15 ''New York Times'' best sellers, such as ''An Inconvenient Truth'' (Rodale), ''Domino: The Book of Decorating'' (Simon & Schuster), ''Eminem: The Way I Am'' (Dutton), ''The Lucky Shopping Manual'' (Gotham), ''The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style'' (Gotham), ''100 Years of Harley-Davidson'' (Bulfinch), and ''Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell'' (Pocket).

Melcher Media is known for highly visual, innovative, and physically distinctive books, such as a pink faux-alligator binding of ''Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell'' and a green gel-filled cover for ''Not Just Cartoons, Nicktoons''. The company also leads the market with adult pop-up books, such as the best-selling ''Pop-Up Book of Phobias'' and ''Pop-Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns''. Provided by Wikipedia