Nova Scotia's Ross Farm Museum is a living window into the province's agricultural history. Since the museum opened in 1970, it has been a favourite destination for school children, who have been educated about early times and farming. There, you can see straw hats being woven, wool being spun, and butter being churned. There is a blacksmith shop and a stave mill.

This delightful book, the latest in the Stories of our Past series, tells the story of the original Ross family who crossed the Atlantic in 1816, built a home, and overcame many challenges. Perfect for high-school students and general readers with an interest in local history. Illustrated with over 60 colour images, and including sidebar features and an index.

Table of Contents


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Chapter 1In His Majesty's Service: South America

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Chapter 2In His Majesty's Service: The Canadas

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Chapter 3Settling the Rocky Spine of Nova Scotia

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Chapter 4The Second Generation

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Chapter 5The Third and Fourth Generations

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Chapter 6Ross Farm Museum

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Chapter 7The Twenty-first-century Ross Farm Museum

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