Living a life you love : embracing the adventure of being led by the Holy Spirit / Joyce Meyer.

Main Author: Meyer, Joyce, 1943-
Published: New York : Faith Words, 2018.
Edition: First edition.
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You may say that you love your family, your spouse, your church, or the Lord. You may also express love for more temporal things like a good cup of coffee, your home, or a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. But it is rarer to truly say "I love my life!"

It's common to be more frustrated with life than at peace with it, because the daily grind wears you down. Responsibilities and burdens become heavy and rob you of the happiness you're meant to have as a child of God. But you can be hopeful, learn to rise above your challenges, and be filled with wonder at what God might do every day.

Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer, who has gone from heartache to happiness through Christ, this book is the key to shifting your perspective so that you may also relish every moment and every part of life.

You will learn how to love life fully, in spite of your obstacles, and experience the happiness that is promised to you.

Joyce will explain:
Why you can't love life unless love is the central theme of it,
Why your attitude affects your life more than any outside circumstances,
How the love, help, and kindness you give away will come back to you immeasurably,
How to look to the future and keep your joy,
And so much more!

God has already blessed you with a life to love--and it's time to start LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE.

Table of Contents


p. ix

Section 1"Loving Life Begins with Loving God"

p. 1

Chapter 1God Has an Amazing Plan for You

p. 3

Chapter 2"This Moment Is the Most Important One You Have"

p. 14

Chapter 3Refuse to Let Fear Determine Your Destiny

p. 27

Chapter 4The Power of Grace

p. 36

Chapter 5Don't Poison the Present with the Past

p. 47

Chapter 6Count Your Blessings

p. 59

Section IILove Yourself And You Will Love Your Life

p. 71

Chapter 7Give Yourself a Break

p. 73

Chapter 8"A Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference"

p. 84

Chapter 9Let's Get Spontaneous

p. 93

Chapter 10Enjoy the Season You're In

p. 103

Chapter 11Rediscover Your Life

p. 114

Chapter 12See Each Day as an Opportunity

p. 123

Chapter 13The Five-Minute Rule

p. 131

Chapter 14Live Every Day Like It's Your Last

p. 139

Chapter 15Be the You God Created You to Be

p. 147

Section IIILove Other People and you will Love your Life

p. 159

Chapter 16The Power of Love

p. 161

Chapter 17Build the Right Environment

p. 170

Chapter 18Rediscover the Joy of Relationships

p. 181

Chapter 19The Rewarding Result of Sacrifice

p. 191


p. 201


p. 209